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We are a 9 time award winning photography and videography company, providing a lifestyle approach to creating memories. We have a a full time, team of 8 with over 13 years of professional experience. Combined, we have photographed over 500 weddings and 1000's of amazing families! We have been featured in many publications and different media platforms, such as Apple, Home Depot, Cracker Barrel and UPS and, we donate our time to four different charity organizations.

Because of our experience in the wedding industry, our staff also provides day-of coordination services and has two officiant's on staff! 


We love to travel for weddings! We will go anywhere on the globe! And for our amazing families, we have a large service area, expanding from Charleston to Beaufort to Columbia, SC all the way down to Savannah, GA! We also service Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas.

We are real people just like you, looking to build lasting relationships so that we can create the best memories possible. From moment one of meeting you, we are focused on getting to know you and your family. 

In addition to capturing amazing photo and video content, coordinating your day or performing your ceremony, we also have a degree in graphic design and have mastered both Photoshop and Lightroom. We have even created our own Lightroom presets to help other photographers and we provide retouching services for other photographers, nationwide.

  • Krista Garrand

    Owner - Photographer

    • I'm a mom of 5 boys.

    • I'm sarcastic.

    • I want to be everyone's best friend. 

    • I'm a novelist. 

    • I always cry at weddings.

    • Acrylic painting is one of my favorite hobbies. 

    • I'm make friends with all of my brides. 

    • I'm not a real girl. I don't own makeup or any usual girly things.

    • My best friend Whitney & I are opposites, yet still somehow the same. 

    • I'm an avid reader of any romance novel.


  • Fanny Sarai

    Lead Videographer - Photographer

    • I’m bilingual (Spanish and English)

    • I’m from Guadalajara Jalisco. 

    • I enjoy playing sports.

    • I'm sorta good at soccer.

    • I'm a hopeless romantic. 

    • I like playing sports.

    • A recent love of mine is traveling.

    • I have an addiction to scented candles.

    • My guilty pleasure is coffee.

    • I love a good workout.

  • Brandon Garrand

    Videographer. - Album Designer

    • I'm from Rochester, NY.

    • I love the Bills. 

    • NASCAR is my favorite sport! #KyleLarson

    • I love southern culture.

    • I have 5 boys.

    • I'm also a carpenter. If it's broken, I can fix it.

    • I look forward to helping the kids with their school projects.

    • I can't help stopping for a stray dog.

    • I'm quiet. Probably too quiet.

    • I like to travel, but hate road trips.

  • Whitney Bumgarner

    Photographer - Graphic Designer

    • Krista & I have been best friends since 2010.

    • I've traveled to 30 of the 50 states.

    • I bleed Garnet & Black. Go Gamecocks

    • My graphic art has been used by Apple®

    • I'm a Digital Art & Design teacher 

    • I’m a mother to one sassy little girl 

    • I’m as right brained as they come. 

    • My happy place is on the water. 

    • I love to read. 

    • I'm extremely passionate & sarcastic.

  • Sara Price

    Lead Day - of - Coordinator 

    • I graduated from in WCU 2014.

    • My niece, Caroline, is my favorite. 

    • I am a huge Cowboys fan.  

    • I love my fur baby Banjo  

    • Huge Harry Potter Nerd  

    • I’m from Mooresville, NC 

    • Baking is one of my passions in life.  

    • I cannot to draw unless it’s with icing. 

    • I love the beach but I’m a mountain girl at heart. 

    • I have never been on a cruise but it’s on my bucket list

  • Angela Harris

    Assistant Day - of - Coordinator

    • I’m a mother of four

    • I’m a grandmother of three with one on the way

    • Clemson is my football team

    • I have my third English Bulldog

    • Morris Island Lighthouse is my favorite

    • I love Coffee

    • Middleton Plantation is my favorite

    • I love Sea Turtles

    • Purple is my favorite color

    • I love decorating for the holidays

  • Alexis Waystack


    • I love to travel.

    • I’ve been to at least 15 countries.

    • I’m from Orangeburg, SC.

    • I have a dachshund fur baby named Duchess.

    • I love to cook and try new dinner recipes with my boyfriend.

    • Pizza and pasta make me happy.

    • I love movies and binge watching Netflix.

    • Photography is my passion.

    • I love fashion and shopping for new clothes.

    • The beach is my favorite place to be.



We are proud members of the following charity organizations: 


Office Phone: 832-819-2757 

Krista Cell: 843-364-3502 (text is best)

Email: Contact@ChantillyLacePhotography.com

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