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Wedding Officiant


Performing wedding ceremonies for the state of South Carolina Only


Our standard Ceremony Coverage


Phone or in-person meeting

Learn your story as a couple 

Signing of marriage license 

Welcome Statement
Your story
Reading (An excerpt from "The Art of a Good Marriage")
Unity (i.e. Unity candle, sand, tree, etc)

Declaration of Intent (This is when you two say "I Do")
Ring Exchange
Closing Remarks

Don't forget to add photography and videography coverage!

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  • I've never done this before. Where do I start?
    Start by choosing your date. Then, select your venue before any other vendor. Also, prioritize your budget with the five most important pieces of your day.
  • Will you book my vendors for me?
    We can definitely help with vendors. We have a preferred vendors list that we will share with you upon booking as well. But, you make the final decision.
  • What is the difference between a partial and a full planner?
    Partial planning typically includes all of the services for day-of wedding coordination plus a select set of additional services offered by the wedding planner. For us, partial planning includes: Month-of wedding coordination plus 10-12 hours of professional planning help during the planning process. Monthly planning meetings to ensure you are on track with your planning. Floor plan layouts Tools for budget planning and management. Vendor management prior to and on the wedding day. Wedding day management Wedding day setup and teardown Rehearsal coverage For full-service wedding planning, the planner takes responsibility for keeping everyone on track with planning throughout the entire process. This typically includes: Recommending venues and vendors and assisting with sourcing and booking them for you. Contract negotiation. Attending site visits so you can select your venue. Attending vendor meetings and consultations with you. Projecting managing your wedding budget. Keeping track of when vendor payments are due Wedding design + floor plan layouts. Wedding day management. Wedding day setup and teardown Rehearsal management Here are Chantilly Lace, we do not provide full planning. We offer partial planning and day-of services only.
  • How many people are on the team?
    This depends. If your wedding is large, with a high guest count and bridal party, you can expect a team of 4+ but if you're event is smaller, then you may only have a team of 2. We will make sure to staff your event specific to your details and needs.
  • Will you cover my rehearsal dinner?
    Absolutely! Some of our package include rehearsal coverage. We assist with coordinating all the in's and out's of your ceremony, including making a line up, practicing the walk down the aisle and back, timing, etc.
  • Will you help with serving food at my reception?
    No, this is a job specific to your catering team. Any food and/or beverages are served exclusively by your catering team. We are not Serve-safe certified. We will however get you a cocktail or glass of wine to enjoy during cocktail hour or during your photo formals.
  • What is not included?
    We do understand that there is some grey area with regard to planning and coordinating. As we are not a full planning service, we will not be providing design services, contract negotiation, attending vendor meetings or booking vendors for you. Additionally, we will remain focused on managing your timeline, vendors and setup during the wedding day, so we won't be running errands, assisting with hair and makeup, steaming dresses, managing playlists at the reception, setting up food or serving food, etc. We also do not provide services for rentals, draping or lighting or bar services.
  • Why only monthly meetings?
    Our partial planning package customers have a monthly planning meeting to discuss any questions, FYI's for the coordinator and make sure that your planning process is on track. Meetings are specifically set once per month mostly to keep planning organized, but also because your coordinator is out of the office on the ground at weddings often. Your coordinator is not able to respond immediately to calls and emails as they are coordinating other client's weddings. We scheduled monthly meetings so that you can have the undivided attention of your coordinator.
  • Will you clean my venue at the end of the night?
    We will help oversee and organize the breakdown of your reception, but we do not provide cleanup services.
  • Will I get to use the planning portal?
    Absolutely! Clients who select our Partial Planning package will receive immediate access to their custom portal.
  • Once I retain your services, what is the next step?"
    This depends on the package you chose. Once you reserve services with us, you'll expect to receive a confirmation of your booking with your package details and what to expect going forward. You will also receive a planning questionnaire to fill out... but don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to do this! For our coordination packages, services start about 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, so unless you have a question you'll just be able to enjoy putting together your wedding details. We will reach our to discuss those details you decided on and build your timeline for you. For our partial planing package, service start at the time of booking and continue monthly until your wedding date.
  • Can I customize a package?
    Yes! We are very flexible so all of our packages are customizable! Shoot us a message and let us know your needs.
  • How much do additional coordination assistants cost me?
    If your wedding should require additional assistants or runners, the rate is $50/hr. Your lead coordinator will inform you if this should be required and the amount of hours needed.
  • Is there a retainer required to reserve?
    Yes! We require a 20% retainer to lock in your day!
  • Do I really get 20% off if I bundle services?
    You sure do! And, if you choose one of our pre-bundled services you can get 30% off!
  • I qualify for a military discount and I'm bundling services, so can I combine discounts?"
    We don't combine the discounts, but we will make sure to apply the larger one! So, if you qualify for both, you'll get 20% off your total.
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