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If you're here, it's because you're great at what you do! Our team here at Chantilly Lace is like a family, so we don't choose new members without a significant amount of consideration and thought. We're excited to have you here!

About Us

Krista started Chantilly Lace in 2009 as a family photography business. What started as a part time hobby has evolved into a full time family and wedding business. Chantilly Lace provides wedding photography, videography, planning, coordination and photo booth services while still maintaining and operating a successful family photography business. 

We cover approximately 70-90 weddings each year and photograph over 100 families. While we operate a high-volume business, it's important that we have consistency with our team members. Many of our team members work full time.​ We have absolutely no desire to work with different shooters all the time. Our desire is to have the same team, all the time, so we like to bring in amazing people to work with regularly.

We have a large service area, expanding throughout the entire state of South Carolina and southeast Georgia. We also travel out of state for weddings from time to time.

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Team Member Onboarding

Please thoroughly read both links before filling out the form.

Setup your team member login.

Each team member is required to create a team member login. With this login you will have access to the CRM, be able to request payment or expense reimbursements, have access to personal information and W9's and have access to our Team Member Handbook. The account is able to be created quickly from any device and you are able to set it up with your own credentials, any way you wish. Please kindly allow 24 hours for your account request to be processed and accepted. Access to your team login is located on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What will I use the CRM for?

In the CRM, in addition to having access to client information and questionnaires, you'll be able to review assignments and your payments via your Staff Profile. 


What's the difference between the Staff Profile & Team Login?

Anything linked to a client (such as payments, assignments or 1099s) will be located in your Staff Profile in the CRM. HR related things (such as The Team Member Handbook, Payment Requests, Incident Reports, etc.) is located in your Team Login.


How far out will I receive invitations for assignments?

All assignment invitations are sent to you at the time of booking, so some may come a year in advance. 

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Major things to note.

Be aware of your settings

As noted in the handbook, we require all of our photographers to shoot in manual mode. But, we also need your settings to be correct. If you feel are struggling or are confused in the field, please ask your team lead. Your shutter speed should never be bellow 1/250, your aperture should stay at 2.8 unless you're working with a large group and because we require flash, your ISO should never go above 6400.

Use your flash

If you are indoors, it's very likely that you should be using your flash. If you're having to "jack" your settings, then you should be using your flash. If your ISO is above 1200-1600, then you should be using your flash. Also remember, when using your flash to bounce your light. No direct flash, ever! We want nice, soft light on our subjects. If you need help, please ask your lead.

Stay out of high-sun

Please try to avoid high-sun areas. Consistency is so important to us. We want all of our galleries to match the brand, which requires even light. Additionally, high-sun areas are harsh on client's skin, create deep, dark shadows and make the client feel uncomfortable. Seek out a shaded area. If there isn't a shaded area available, try to place the sun behind the subject, off-center.


When shooting, make sure to lift so that you have less grass and more sky. No client wants half of their photo to be of the ground. Clients want to see the beautiful trees, the church steeples and the sky. Make sure to lift so that your subject's feet are right near the bottom of the frame. There should be just enough space needed for a wrapped canvas. 

If you have any questions, shoot us an email. Never hesitate to ask questions.

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